About Us

The world advances when smart people get together and work really hard to make things happen.

Crion Technologies is our undertaking to contribute our share to this advancement. We are at the beginning of an era where Computers are evolving to communicate more naturally with Humans. Technologies like Smartphones, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearable devices, IoT are entering our lives slowly but surely in an attempt to change the way we do things. All this advancement is to create a frictionless society with a seamless connection between thoughts and reality.

This is only happening because of the hard work done by a great number of researchers and engineers. Taking their work as an inspiration, we have started our company to contribute our efforts in technological advancement. The past twenty years have seen the rise of computers and smartphone radically changing the way humans communicate and work with each other. We believe the next 20 years are going to be further radical change with Humans communicating with computers rather than through them.

We believe that any technology or solution needs care, attention, and dedication to bring out the best of its potential. We are ready to provide that.

Making any technology work according to our needs commitment and dedication, as we often face technical challenges, operational hurdles and user backlashes. Every great piece of technology has crossed all these stages to integrate within our daily lives. It needs teams of smart and motivated people to face and overcome these challenges and we are one such team.

We work with our clients to develop end-to-end solutions with interactive technologies along with helping them with software development services in the complete cycle of ideation, conceptualization, development, testing, measuring and deploying.

Our Location

Our office is at IIT Madras Research Park located within the IIT Madras campus(our Alma Mater) in Chennai, India. IITM Research Park is a Technology park promoted by IIT Madras that is modeled along the lines of successful research parks at Stanford and MIT to Create a Knowledge and Innovation Ecosystem through collaboration between the industry and academia to enable, encourage and develop cutting edge technology and innovation that exceeds the global standard. Many Startups and well-established companies have set up their R&D divisions at Research Park.

Our Motto : Relentless pursuit of Creativity and Innovation
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