We create Human Computer Interaction
solutions for Industries.

We help companies with 3D, VR/AR and Web based 3D Technologies . We are inspired by how Interactive technologies can transform the way industries work. Industries are adopting interactive technologies as design tools, enhance end user experience, improve processes, train better and to add new value to the chain.

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Clonos™ - Connected Workforce for Industries

3d Digital Twin platform for Industrial Asset Management which is Intuitive, Connected and Scalable, where the physical asset is 3D rendered and layers of information are piled on top. Information includes Engineering data, design, construction, testing, O&M documents, Live performance data, historian reports and interactive logs. CLONOS has users from various hierarchies starting from Operators, OEM technicians, safety auditors and management representatives.

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Interactive 3D Assets

Detailed interactive models of objects.

Operational Intelligence

Process insights for better operational efficiency and operational assistance.

Engineering Collaboration

Construction, Operations, OEM, Calibration, Testing, Spares, Service reports all managed with easy collaborations between departments

Visual Assets Performance Mangements

Machine insights - compete dashboard on downtime, spares and services.

Virtual Reality

VR OTS for training the Workforce.


Our Processing Stages

3D Asset MoElectronics Manufacturering

3D Asset representation of all the physical assets.

Simulation and testing

The digital twin is used to simulate the performance of the physical asset under different conditions.

Operator intelligence

Use of data-driven insights and analytics to optimize the performance of a physical asset or system.

Visualization and reporting

Graphical representation of the physical asset's performance.


Technologies Info & Details

Computer Vision
Augmented Reality
3D & CAD
Web 3D &Web VR
Technology Showcase

Dive into the frontier of innovation: Experience Computer Vision, 3D & CAD, Augmented Reality, and Web 3D & Web VR.

About Us


Our Success Journey

  • 2016 Incu. @ IIT Madras RP
  • 2016. Fortune 500 Order
  • 2022. SASACT Winner
  • 2022. Seed Fund
  • 2023. Offshore Order

Our Professional Team

Vishnuvardhan. J


Serial Entrepreneur with 14+ years of exp. in Advance Process Control & Reverse Engg, joined as Co-Founder in 2020 & nurtured CRION's growth in Digital Twin space.

Karthik Pondugula


IITM Alumnus. 8+ years of experience in XR Tech. Founded CRION Technologies 2016 to provide sector agnostic visualization consulting.

Rathees P


IITM Alumnus. 5+ years of experience in 3D & Software development, joined as Co-Founder in 2019 & scaled CRION Tech stacks.

Case Study


Industrial Problem Solved

Industrial Data Visualization: Problem: OKABE managers and key stakeholders were unable to find insights of their factory production on real time basis, even though the production is semi automatic with HMI and control systems in place stakeholders had to login multiple systems and had difficult times in consolidating data. Solution: CLONOS - A Web 3D solution was deployed to visualize the live functionalities of the factory equipments with virtual walkaround management. Through 4D factory managers were able to login anytime and get insights on focus area resulting in faster decisions.

Problem: Electronics Manufacturer with global production facilities were facing tough time in training their 100+ operators in new models released every year. Manually training the resources took more than a month and was also capex heavy because of the training hardwares. Solution: Virtual reality based Operator training simulator was deployed with capabilities to add new models and dynamically altering the sequence of installation. Even before the pilot model was assembled, operators were able to virtually assemble and practise the production. OTS proved direct cost saving in terms of time saving intraining, efficiency of operators, preparedness of team for any new upcoming models

Problem: Oil & Gas Major with various business units has difficulties in handling data across various IT and OT services. An asset Digital twin to centralize the data for better accessibility was needed to achieve better operability index. Solution: CLONOS - Digital Twin for remote monitoring the Asset was deployed with centralized data to interface operators, control system and business automation tools over a 3D environment. Virtual walkaround management with data layer over XR improved operator availability and reduced opex by 7%.